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About Us
Amy and Colleen in action at Craft Harvest, Parnell.

Colleen and Amy Woodcock


Soapure - our journey

We began soap making in 2002, initially as a way of making unique and beautiful Christmas presents. This interest quickly evolved into a passion, as we started to collect and try out recipes and different techniques.

In the beginning I would give away my soaps to family and friends then eventually I went on to sell my soaps at local markets.  I realised however that beautiful handmade soaps are a labour of love and not something to make a solid business out of.

Then came the fateful day when I needed to create a soap for the lucky dip booth at my grand-daughter’s school.  I concentrated on how to make soap appealing for both littlies and big people alike and started down the road of making a soap that was fun.

Today I am fully passionate and committed to producing ‘fun’ quality soaps and am pleased to be the first person to introduce this type of product to market.  I have had an immense amount of support from family and friends and am thrilled that this is turning into a family business with the additional support of my daughter Amy working with me in the business.

Together we are Soapure.

Soapure is the brainchild of company founder Colleen Woodcock. Colleen, an ardent soap-maker, wanted to produce a fun soap for all children to use and enjoy.

Her goal was to make a high quality, irresistible-to- children product which would also work to gently encourage them to wash their hands frequently.

A family business, Soapure Limited was formed in 2014. Colleen works with her daughter Amy to produce our wonderful products. Along with sharing a passion for soap-making with her mum, Amy also brings a background in customer service to the business.

Although still in its early days, Soapure is based on a strong business model and utilises Colleen’s skills from 25 years working as a fulltime management accountant and part-time luxury soap-maker.

Colleen firmly believes in the importance of quality tested products and helpful customer

service. Soapure will work to ensure all phone or email enquiries are answered within 24 hours. “We want our customers to be successful,” explains Colleen, “and it is part of our job to make this happen.”

Based in Penrose, Soapure is both a wholesale and an online retail business (coming soon).